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They answered some of our suggestions really well with Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward but also made some dumb mistakes, lets hope they can fix it in future and do even better with 4.0.

Yoshida recent interview about Final Fantasy XIV

Yoshida recent interview.I think Yoshida is pretty spot on with his prediction of MMOS. WoW played no small role in that. If we are completely honest the mmos havn't changed much in terms on gameplay experiences. Mechanics change etc but on a fundamental level almost all mmos are the same. Now seeing the development time and features people expect from new mmos are ridiculous. How often when a new MMO came out has this come up. "I am max level and already ran out of content. WoW has much more content than this game". Besides the point of being unreasonable to expect the same amount of content and polish a game that has been out of as long as WoW from a game that was released a month or so ago.


But that isn't the fault of Blizzard its just distorted player expectations. 

Now WoW comes into play in terms of success the game had and how much it hurt the mmo industry. After WoW the mmos that went into production were at an all time high because those companies wanted a piece of the pie but the glaring mistake they did and what FFXIV does to an extent is copying the WoW formular. Which doesn't help anyone.


If you are a WoW clone you can only succeed on 1 thing: Brand recognition. If you have a brand that is popular and beloved you can hold the players. Something FFXIV Gil does well. But if you go in blind creating a new IP copy WoW almost 1 to 1 but offer less content people won't play your game for long. Because they think "Well I did that already in WoW and that game has more to do".


Given how many games crashed and burned doing this approach it is easy to see how companies are now more cautious of creating an MMO. Especially if you try to pitch an MMO that is unlike everything people have seen by now. Good luck in finding people to fund the project that like Yoshida says has a development time of 5+ years.


At some point even the most avid mmo fan will feel the fatigue coming up and this is why I think we'll have less MMOs in the future if there won't be a big change in the experience they can provide.


Even something as simple as combat hasn't changed that much over the years. We are still mostly playing with hotbards and tabtarget enemies/party members. Just check how much true action combat mmos we have. Even after we already have the server technology and internet infrastructure to support such a system.


Final Fantasy XIV used a lot of feedback I believe and the game is going strong and well. They just need to react better to what their players really hate and suggest and I believe the game will be here for next 10 years.


They answered some of our suggestions really well with Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward but also made some dumb mistakes, lets hope they can fix it in future and do even better with 4.0.

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