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The learning curve and challenge really held my interest in FFXIV, my first mmorpg, as I read guide after guide and asked endless questions on FFXIV Realm.

When did you start tanking in Final Fantasy XIV?

I started as a Gladiator on day 1 (sept '13) and loved it always. The learning curve and challenge really held my interest in FFXIV, my first mmorpg, as I read guide after guide and asked endless questions on Final Fantasy XIV Realm. As a Paladin I was focused on particular points of the screen as well, and I did my job well enough, but learning how to heal gave me new perspective and forced me to take view of things I wasn't so attentive to in the first place. Learning how to heal improved my tanking and taught me the importance of proper mitigation and how to work with my healers--who are essentially the most vital role in a party and are worth looking after. I can now recognize healer strain more accurately and adjust the way I buff and support the party for different types of healers in different circumstances.

Levelling Conjurer/White Mage was my biggest struggle of all the jobs, and it's not because its a difficult job, but it was so out of my comfort zone as a tank main. I then went onto Scholar and am working on Astrologian, with Paladin still my main and currently most geared. If you want to level a tank, I say go for it--WAR is easier at low levels, and Paladin's simplest at 50. Dark Knight is a lot of fun and not too challenging in the earlier levels too. Gladiator has the most necessary crossclass skills no matter what tank job you intend to pick up, and realistically would be ok without any crossclass abilities if levelling alts is a concern for you, but your low aggro can really be overwhelming for more anxious newbie tanks in the early levels, like Deepcroft for example, which can be a real struggle before hitting level 26.


If you're going to level a tank just remember aggro is the most important thing to learn first off, and in the early levels managing your buffs aren't quite so important since a Conjurer will heal you for 1/3rd your HP anyways. Get comfortable with aggro and then start looking deeper into survivability and proper usage of CDs--which is far more important than your stat builds.


Keep in mind that tanking isn't necessarily the most difficult role, but simply being in the position we're in results in our mess ups being the most noticeable and so tanks are targets more often than other roles when it comes to mishaps. To become powerful,you can buy ffxiv gil.But ultimately it doesn't matter how good or bad you are, there's always someone who'll try to make people feel small so that they can feel bigger themselves, it's best to not take jerks seriously--they're all jokes to me.

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