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Ban waves do nothing. The instant a long withheld ban wave is done, they've already prepared other accounts to be in full force with the FFXIV Gil to sell.

Was it during the population spike caused when FFXIV Heavensward launched?

Ban waves do nothing. The instant a long withheld ban wave is done, they've already prepared other accounts to be in full force with the FFXIV Gil to sell. Recreating dozens, hundreds, thousands of characters and accounts is literally what RMT bots do every single day. That's exactly why anytime someone links to their actions against RMT post on Lodestone, as some form of meaningful movement, it makes me facepalm. Unless the devs/GMs are willing to actively take a stand against them every day (which means account bans, credit card lockouts, etc. every hour), it's a losing battle. The original strategy of giving it time to pinpoint the cluster RMT to ban them does not work anymore. If it did, we'd see them go away... but it literally does nothing to stop them.


They've always been around, despite many people claiming not to have seen their presence for a long time. Folks should not mistake situational circumstance for credited actions taken. What server are you on? What time of the day do you play? How populated is it? Does your server suffer lockouts at any given point of the day? Is it a JP server? Was it when a new patch went live? Was it during the population spike caused when FFXIV Heavensward launched? So on and so forth. Any given variable, including ones like frequency of people on your server being potential buyers (be it a lot or none), can affect this. The only way to minimize their presence is to improve quality of life so they're not as annoying. They're an inevitable evil that cannot be stopped from doing what they do. The sooner the devs and playerbase realize this, the sooner changes can be made... unless the devs honestly couldn't give a damn, which is likely the case here. I mean, even the players (myself included), have learned to just ignore them and /tell in general (/busy). Some folks use addons to filter chat, since SE will not. Proper chat filters are seriously the best way to quell the angst about their rampant advertising. SE refuses this, for some stupid reason... probably under the reason that the servers can't handle it. We're two years into this reboot games life and there's been very little done to improve this elementary level problem since 2.0 launched. The last thing was to remove the ability to send friend requests from free accounts, which, while significant, was something that should have been done LONG before 3.0 patch. Them not having done that earlier is more of a blunder than it is a result of actions taken against RMT... since free trial accounts was an intentional addition after launch and the knowledge that RMT exists here.


I like the devs for this game, but man can they be ridiculously naive about the bad habits that exist in their game and how things work because of that. Honestly, it's likely just a "meh" situation for them. It's just like botting in this game. 99.9% of the time, you'll be perfectly fine with no repercussions. As long as you're not blatantly hacking or something, GMs will generally turn a blind eye because it's next to impossible to determine bot from player with the lack of resources they're given and the time-frame they decide to investigate it. I know of many non-RMT players on the server that bot, some of whom use speed hacks while doing it, but nothing has ever happened to them despite numerous reports AND video evidence of suspicious behavior over many months. This is unfortunately not unexpected, given Yoshi-P's leniency towards cheating behavior (i.e. win trading). Back to the RMT though, it is what it is, so don't expect much change lol. They're actively a part of your FFXIV experience, just like bad groups, so just gotta accept that.

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