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A user on Reddit recently conducted a large-scale analysis of Lodestone (check for yourselves). There are over 7M characters that exist in FFXIV - yet only 385K FFXIV Gil have reached 60

There are over 7M characters that exist in FFXIV

$10 to $15 will buy you a movie ticket for 2 hours of entertainment. It doesn't need to buy you 100+ hours of game content per month. A user on Reddit recently conducted a large-scale analysis of Lodestone (check for yourselves). There are over 7M characters that exist in FFXIV - yet only 385K FFXIV Gil have reached 60. People aren't quitting because there isn't enough content. They are quitting because it takes too long to get to the content.


I'd like to experience the challenges in this game. But by time I get there - they are all nerfed. Heck - I'd like to play Alexander Normal right now - but I have a boat load of grinding to do. The reason for all of this grinding? Because a minority (that just so happens to be the majority on these forums) will throw a hissy fit if they don't feel like they have a plethora of content to occupy their time with. The joke behind all of this - is that it's not additional content. It's repetition.


To get your first job from 50 to 60 (assuming you're actually playing the job, reading the text and not rushing to endgame) will legitimately take you roughly 50 to 60 hours if you're clearing the sidequests along the way. I'm almost there. I'm about to hit 60. But having a corporate job (60 hour work weeks) a family and other miscellaneous to-dos; I'll average a good 5 hours of videogame playtime a week. Believe it or not - but that's more closer to your average person.


50 to 60 hours for a videogame RPG story is completely fine. It's when you get there that the real grind begins. I'd like to beat a dungeon and move onto the next. Then move onto extreme primals and then move onto Alexander, etc. Admittedly I probably don't have the time to coordinate with others to ever do Savage - but I'm glad that content exists. It's good content for those who do have the time.


What do I find to be the bad content? Daily repetitive quests. Tomestone Caps. Re-running dungeons. Once, twice or maybe three times is enough for me. Except I'm forced to run them dozens of time if I want to unlock the new content. Give me all the content at once and I'll continue to support you month after month. I just want to enjoy the challenges before they get nerfed. I'm more than fine getting as little as 10 hours of content a month for $10 to $15. Just let me move onto the newly available content once I've beaten the old content. Life should not revolve around a game. People are realizing this. 5 million + registered users...yet only 385K FFXIV Gil are even at 60.

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