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Rome had multiple campaigns of conquest active at the same time, since the Garleans are heavily based on the Romans its not unreasonable to assume they were fielding multiple campaigns at the same time.

The Domans from the Ninja quests do not seem to be extremely old

While its traditional wisdom to say "never fight a war on multiple fronts" that doesn't mean it hasn't happened. Rome had multiple campaigns of conquest active at the same time, since the Garleans are heavily based on the Romans its not unreasonable to assume they were fielding multiple campaigns at the same time. Further keeping with the Roman Model the Legions of Rome were far more independent from eachother than modern military forces, with the most extreme end of that periods where various Legions fought eachother for the imperial throne.


Luvia is extremely famous for her brutal campaigns outside Eorzea, while its possible these were done over 15 years ago she doesn't seem that old? I know it can be hard to read age on characters but we see her sister and she does not look like someone who'd have to be in her 40s.


The Situation in Ala Mihgo was both an act of strategy but also a stroke of luck on the part of the Garleans. It was something that had to be seized at the time even if they were not entirely prepared. Five years pass between this conquest and Silvertear.


Silvertear was such a pyric victory for the Garleans that only now have they been able to replace their battleship 15 years later.


So my theories are as follows: First each of hte legions acts independently of each other, jockeying for position beneath the emperor. I am basing this both on the Roman ideal and the ease with which the 7th legion went rogue. Gaius struck early in Ala Mihgo while other legions were conquering elsewhere. He may even have been using much of his legion elsewhere using only a small portion to claim Ala Mihgo in its extremely weakened state. This explains the five year gap between Ala Mihgo and Silvertear.


The time period given for the first Primal summoned in Eorzea is between the Fall of Ala Mihgo and SIlvertear. if its closer to Silvertear, I will argue this shows once more that the Garleans are acting before they are ready for mass conquest. It was in fact an act of despiration. If Silvertear is a poorly planned act of despiration throwing things at the situation that the Garleans could ill afford to lose this both explains why they need to take more time to prepare for actual attacks on Eorzea and the political fallout of Gaius.


Now as I said earlier there seems to be some political bickering between the various Legions. We know that the pyretic victory at Silvertear is enough of a fuck for Gaius that Nael is able to take over operations more or less. So we can assume this is another massive delay in the efficency of the Garlean military machine. One that is fairly rare. 


Between the politics and the setbacks in Eorzea the situation there has become the Garlean equivalent of Vietnam, one the former emperor had little will to support thus why Gaius was practically acting on his own in the FFXIV ARR storyline.


The Domans from the Ninja quests do not seem to be extremely old. They seem to be functionally early mission types. We know they were there and active enough for the first Fall of Doma based on the Ninja plot.


So in short I believe the Othard campaign was still active and much more effective than the clusterfuck that has been the slow and hampered process of conquest in Eorzea.

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