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That mantra still applies to FFXIV. It's the internet. Just expect more of the latter. It stinks, yeah, but people take advantage of anonymity. And their insecurities show a lot when they're stressed

That mantra still applies to FFXIV

I understand not liking White Mage, though. When I was in a static, I wasn't ever given the chance to do anything outside of healing because nobody else wanted to do it, not even in content that wasn't endgame. I actually signed in to oftentimes find that my static and FC were volunteering me to heal without asking whether I wanted to or not. And when I tried to learn other roles, they offered no support whatsoever and didn't answer my concerns, such as "am I tanking Twintania correctly?".


And that's why I quit healing and became a Machinist. I also left the game for a while, and then transferred servers when I came back. It's not that I hate healing, but I certainly am hesitant to do it now when I know I may just be locked into the role when joining a static group, or even a smaller group of people dedicated to raiding. As it stands, I no longer have any desire to join a static because of my experience healing one. That static lost both their tank and healer at nearly the same time, people whom they'd considered friends, and didn't bat an eye in replacing either. It stinks, but it just goes to show that...well, it's the internet.


That mantra still applies to FFXIV. It's the internet. Just expect more of the latter. It stinks, yeah, but people take advantage of anonymity. And their insecurities show a lot when they're stressed. It's the internet. People are jerks, but there are some nice ones in the crowd.


As for your feelings about newer players changing, that's something I've also seen. Using my old static as an example, we had a very hard time passing T5 and felt rather offended when others said that it was easy to do. When we were able to pass it consistently and would go back to help others, we found ourselves asking why the new player wasn't dodging divebombs correctly or dropping fireballs where they needed to. It's easy to forget that you were there, once. The issue with a static group is that it demands top performance from everyone and can effectively cut you off from raiding other content with other people, depending on how things turn out. That's bound to change your mentality after a while. At least, that's the way I see it.


Take a break and do something else for a while, or just play with different people and take it easy. My short experience in a static honestly made me hate the game for a while, enough so that I eventually just cancelled my subscription for a while. So I played some Resident Evil, then transferred when Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward came. A fresh new start and, to me, a fresh new game.


It does contribute directly to ffxiv gil-buying, just like extremely overpriced goods in the market do. Unless your price for selling clears is reasonable (I've never seen a reasonable price offered), it does contribute to ff14 gil-buying because the only way the people who can't clear it can afford to buy the clear is by buying Final Fantasy XIV Gil. Same problem with ridiculously priced crafted goods: If you have the money to buy it without buying ffxiv gil, that most likely means you can make it yourself. So the only people who would need to buy it would be those who can't afford it... and thus buy ffxiv gil.

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