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I understand the Final Fantasy XIV Tactical Points issues on some classes, but at the same time, I don't feel that it should be so simple to manage.

Proposed changes to Final Fantasy XIV Tank jobs

Anyways, to just help you understand some things. The Warrior's Slashing Debuff is also shared with Ninja's Slashing debuff. I understand the Final Fantasy XIV Tactical Points issues on some classes, but at the same time, I don't feel that it should be so simple to manage. Yes, sometimes, only sometimes, I run into a tiny Tactical Points issue in fights, but I find MOST fights have down times where I recover Tactical Points. And if it's really a problem, we now have 3 dps classes that can offer us some support.


If a change is REQUIRED, I'd remove the Tactical Points cost of Shield Swipe all together, as well as the pacification in return for a slight damage buff to the skill. There are very few times where I make use of a pacification debuff that ONLY triggers if I block. I'd say in return for removing pacification, increase the potency to something like 250. As it stands, the potency is so small, you actually lose DPS on some rotations when using it. It should remain otherwise just as it is.


The other skills on Paladin are honestly perfect. There isn't a thing I would change to any of the others. Sheltron is perfect really, since it shouldn't be something that can be used as often as 10-15 seconds at all, otherwise we're looking at a massive defensive boost against physical attacks. Returning MP is just fine to me too, because it comes in handy when I want a third Clemency cast. Clemency's cost needs to stay where it is, because more than 2 or 3 casts at a time is a bit much when you compare it to Warrior's Equilibrium. Then you couple in the fact that we can cast it on other people to do more total healing, and that it scales with my Strength instead of Mind, you're talking about a massive amount of healing when running Strength trinkets. I've crit for 6k on Clemency when running Strength trinkets. The skill is just fine being expensive. The only thing I'd like to see changed to it is for it to trigger our Divine Veil. IF the oaths are turned to be more like Warrior stances, then they need at least a 5 second cooldown. Frankly, I'm fine with them as they are.


For you, my purposed changes for Final Fantasy XIV Dark Knight might be simpler, and more in theme for the class. I do agree with Reprisal needing work. Many changes have been suggested too. Yours works well too, but I wouldn't increase the CD.

Darkside: Remove this skill's ability to stack with Grit to create an off tank stance instead. Remove the MP drain on the skill as well. Also remove the requirement to have this skill on to use certain defensive cooldowns such as Dark Dance, Dark Mind, etc.


Blood Price: Change the skill to only be usable while under Grit. Returns MP still. Add a 10% damage reduction buff for the duration.


Blood Weapon: Keep the Darkside requirement. Change the MP return to trigger with ALL forms of damage. Change the skill speed buff to a 10% increase in damage. (Skill speed can be a double edge sword which causes more Tactical Points drain)

Dark Arts: No longer effects Dark Mind, Dark Passenger, Dark Dance, Carve and Spit, or Abyssal Drain. I'll get to these. Dark Arts also now removes the Tactical Points requirement for the skills it effects, i.e. Power Slash and Soul Eater. (Essentially a Tactical Points refreshing skill at the cost of MP)

Dark Mind: Always a 30% magic damage reduction, same duration

Dark Passenger: Always a 250 potency with a blind for same duration

Dark Dance: Increase Parry rate to 40%, same duration.

Carve and Spit: Always do 450 potency and recover MP.

Abyssal drain: Always drain HP. Remove the Enmity increase.


I'm not sure about changes to Living Dead personally. I'm actually fine with the current skill, because it shouldn't be required to use in the first place, just like Holmgang and Hallowed Ground. But changes I believe could work are as follows:

- Aetherial Conversion: Should the player's HP drop to 1 during the buff's duration, instantly swap the HP and MP of the player

- Reaper's Denial: Should the player's HP drop to 1 during the buff's duration, instantly restores the player's HP to 100%

-New jobs, new classes, new dungeons, 60 level and so on will attract more and more players. The most effectual and convenient way to enjoy the new version is to score enough FFXIV Gil.

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