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Draw will only cool down for up to 15 seconds before the card already drawn must be used to continue the cooldown. At level 40, FFXIV Astrologian receives the ability Spread, with no cooldown, into which a drawn card can be saved.

My suggestions for FFXIV Astrologian are mostly as written on the shortlist in sig

Spread has been revised, the majority its effects integrated into Astrologian by default. Upon drawing a card, Draw will now begin cooling down immediately, showing its cooldown radial atop the icon for the card drawn. The drawn card can be held infinitely, rather than being discarded after 15 seconds. However, Draw will only cool down for up to 15 seconds before the card already drawn must be used to continue the cooldown. At level 40, FFXIV Astrologian receives the ability Spread, with no cooldown, into which a drawn card can be saved. It no longer uniquely has the advantage of holding a card while charging another, but does allow the latter half to cooldown and allows Astrologian, essentially, if preparing over 75 seconds to deploy 2 cards instantly and another within 15 seconds without using a single CD.


A player can only receive one of each Astrologian buff, but may carry any number of different Astrologian buffs simultaneously, even from the same Astrologian.


Casting Collective Unconscious in Nocturnal Sect also places a 75-potency shield on all affected party members.


Shuffle can no longer draw the same card.


Balance now also affects healing done, by 6%. (Anywhere from 5% to 7% would be fine.) (Ideally I'd actually like to switch that to 10% Attack Power and Attack Magic Power and 7% Healing FFXIV Magic Power, for a bit more added fun in synergy with physical self-heals.)


Too complicated, but fun: Bole's protection is now dealt through a shield, absorbing 14% of damage done to the target until broken, at which point Bole's effect decreases to 8%. This shield has a maximum health of 50 potency of your healing and regenerates each instance of damage done to it over 5 seconds, while also healing the target with a regen effect of up to 40 potency (will not overheal), to a maximum of 300 potency of your healing. Max shield health increased by 50% in Nocturnal Sect and maximum healing done increased by 50% in Diurnal Sect. [This both gives it a small increase to burst effectiveness and especially its longer term smoothed healing. It can basically only take barely more than an non-crit Adloquiem's worth of damage up front, but as long as it isn't damaged too severely or quickly, it will also heal the a bit over time.] -- Design copied from an idea I had for how to make Graniteskin (traited Stoneskin) unique if Stoneskin was returned to a 2.5s cast universally.




I feel like the Cards are fine as is aside from Balance and Bole. Arrow can improve heals while Balance can not, and Bole just feels a bit too lackluster on anyone but the MT to make it feel like a decent card compared to the rest. That being said, Balance's bonus FFXIV Gil to healing, here, has been reduced because (1) I wanted to make DPS targets as viable as healer targets, especially given that (2) hps, when spamming, will out-parse dps by a fair margin iirc, and (3) increased speed means increased mana drain, which synergizes with Ewer, while Balance does not. As Astrologian's cards are primarily a support function, I did not want it to be used constantly on oneself. Arrow already has that option, even if less worthwhile that support uses when not using every FFXIV Global Cool Down immediately.

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