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I would love to play the FF7 Motorcycle game in FFXIV. It fits into the lore just fine, if the story ever takes us into dangerous Garlean territory (deep behind enemy lines)

Let's Talk Final Fantasy XIV Mounts

This is a great idea for future content.


Personally I really want a motorcycle mount. I'd love to suggest Fenrir from the FF7:AC movie, and I know the players exist somewhere who would agree.


I would love to play the FF7 Motorcycle game in FFXIV. It fits into the lore just fine, if the story ever takes us into dangerous Garlean territory (deep behind enemy lines). That would be so cool to steal one of their motorcycles to escape and be chased down a Garlean Highway! I've always asked for a Magitek Research Facility. Perhaps they can write a story arc where we infiltrate one in Garlemald, but the entry is a one way ticket, and then we must fight our way out and use a new Magitek prototype motorcycle to escape! Then we can be given the item for the mount as a quest reward to keep the motorcycle permanently, maybe even a side quest after having the bike get fixed up (BRING BACK JESSIE FROM THE IRONWORKS, SHE IS MYSTERIOUSLY ABSENT FROM HEAVENSWARD). Awesome!

Motorcycles need to show up in the story before they make them into mounts. We'll probably see some kind of Garlean scout craft in the future that operates like a motorcycle, and then we'll get Cid to make us a mock-up so we can chase them down. That would be a pretty good lead into a motorcycle mini-game with a replayable version added to the Gold Saucer. Default motorcycle awarded for story completion, and special variants added to Gold Saucer exchange for MGP. Only question is which expansion this will be an inevitable part of.

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While it is both an MMO and a Final Fantasy XIV game, the game sometimes still feels too robotic for what it is. There's something kind of immersion-breaking about dungeons


FFXIV Gil prices and sales

Here's the real kicker though. FFXIV Gil prices and sales, you're rewarding the gil spammers. I don't know about others but most raids I know has 1-2 'dedicated' crafters who have ffxiv gil, the rest of my raid depends on food/potions from those people and can barely afford that in 3.0, let alone have enough to buy materia also.


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Have you played a tank post 50? On the second ffxiv boss of Sohm Al I can out DPS most actual DPS classes on the second boss because I can stay in deliverance most of the time

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