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Not everyone is good at this game and it sucks when getting stuck in a Duty Finder where people just cannot push the right buttons to do something properly

If you want to delete your black mage character and quit-look on

Honestly, this is just a thing that everyone has to either deal with or leave because of it. Not everyone is good at this game and it sucks when getting stuck in a Duty Finder where people just cannot push the right buttons to do something properly. It can be for DPS who can't make dps checks or healers who just can't heal when the mechanics and the demands are high. If you don't actually wanna do endgame though, you don't have to. I have people in my Free Companies who are still at mostly crafters and like to frollick all day as a botanist. Their gear is meh and their actual ability is meh but the love they have for the game and for us as Free Companies mates is so amazing that we could never ask for more.

Do what you wanna do. If becoming better isn't an option (as some people just are bad at video games), then just play as you please.


I play as every class. I play as every class pretty well. I have a lot of commendations and my healer especially frequently gets 5-6 per trial. I'm not bragging. It's just a matter of jobs and how someone can play and if they can be recognized. That being said...

Do not acknowledge that commendations exist.


There have been times that I thought I was single-handedly with a tank carrying an entire run. There were times that a tank and I finished runs for people on our last legs and got congratulations and parties and whatnot for our achievement. And when we left, no commendations.


When you do great, you never get commended and when you're subpar or just the right job, you'll get them.


Don't worry about them. Sometimes it's literally just someone looking at your gear and thinking that you're better than someone who can heal more. I've gotten commendations just because I was a Dreadwyrm T13 Scholar but was literally watching Netflix while my healing White Mage friend did everything.


Seriously, don't worry about commendations or what any people besides respected friends say to you in this game. You do you. Don't apologize for playing a game that you wanna enjoy ffxiv gil.

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