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I have some ideas for accessing some level 50 content that with current duty finder matchups. tend to not happen.

Ideas on FFXIV Old Content Acess

I have some ideas for accessing some level 50 content that with current duty finder matchups. tend to not happen. I wasn't around in FFXIV as the level 50 plateau before Heavensward was released. and missed out on a large amount of that content. 


Reaching level 60 on more then a few jobs, I have found myself at a strange stage of the game where I'm very concerned about glamour items and having access to all of it with enough effort. The original raid of the crystal tower plotline is elusive at this point. as a majority are running Void ark, Alex Savage etc. 


After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to pitch the idea forward. Perhaps, in Mor Dhona, the venders should offer the armor pieces of Labyrinth of the Ancients, Syrcus Tower, World of Darkness, and include all the gear drops of the Coils of Bahamut. in exchange for tomestones of poetics.


Its extremely disheartening to sit in a duty finder for over 300 minutes waiting for a raid. and IF it pops, you likely wont be getting what you came for anyways. My concern is based around how amazing the gear was from that raid, and how it is relatively inaccessible now. I'd personally like to access it, yes. but it seems like a lot of effort was put into the older content and it seems wasteful for it to be so impossible to obtain in its current state. Not because of difficulty, but from accessing the duty itself.


I've found the community responds well to things being a grind to obtain, some may not like it, but they still find themselves doing it. So making sets obtainable with a poetics grind seems plausible. However, another two options also seem viable.


Allowing a unsynced party to enter the older Raids, or allow 32 man slots in party finder. meaning people can KNOW when to expect to join duty finder for it.


Probably an unpopular option, but recycle the raid at lvl 60 for access to the gear again via tokens, or law purchases. or make it progress towards relic or upgrading esoteric weapon similar to Alexander Savage.


The main reason I find other ways of accessing these items important, is more for glamour, I don't think people are looking for this gear anymore for the stats provided, which from my understanding is what made it so lucrative, any of these items could be accessed simply as no attributed glamour items. while people looking for these items for actual gear/stat reasons could obtain them normally.


Hmm, still at 50 if it costs enough poetics, it still gives 50's without HW the chance to progress and gear like everyone got to when it was actually running. more often then not people go straight from 50 job gear to Market Board for heavensward low quality gear because its that much better. An incentive for people to run it seems plausible, but it would need to be something people would need consistently, not just like 3 days worth of hype then it dies again. a permanent solution seems best, but who knows, maybe they will make it tied into next step of relic.


If someone in staff for a PR person could respond and discuss some of these ideas. I would love that. Also if anyone would like to follow up on suggestions or potential refinements please do so.

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