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Not as frequently no, but releasing it and only updating it once or twice throughout the course of FFXIV Heavensward (as was really the case in FFXIV ARR) will leave it to become a barren wasteland.

I really hope Square Enix does something about the current issue with PvP

As someone who really, really wanted to get into PvP when Wolves' Den was released, I don't want to see Seal Rock die off the same way all previous PvP attempts have. Someone else said it best in another thread: PvP needs continual support and updates just like PvE content does. Not as frequently no, but releasing it and only updating it once or twice throughout the course of FFXIV Heavensward (as was really the case in FFXIV ARR) will leave it to become a barren wasteland. I'm mainly a PvE player, but I sincerely enjoy PvP when I want something to do besides run a dungeon for the thousandth time for a single grind before doing it all over again for the next grind.


The queue times are the number one killer. When we only had Wolves' Den, all PvP players just stood out in the Den staring at the sea. We all looked like Piccolo, standing around with our arms folded and waiting for the queue to pop. All of us did. And the queue was never anything less than 45 minutes, even when all of us queued up at the same time. We'd get matched with the same people, go a round, immediately requeue, and yet nothing would pop for nearly an hour. Even with a dedicated Final Fantasy XIV linkshell, it was just impossible to get into rounds. This doesn't factor in people that were queued and then had another duty pop, or perhaps an S-rank hunt once those were introduced, and who prioritized those over PvP.


Because a lot of players are simply using Seal Rock to cap tomes (which is understandable), I can see a large number of current players raiding other content once it is released, and leaving Seal Rock behind altogether. Coupled with Grand Company restrictions and rank matches, that will only make the queues worse.


Unless I play during peak times (which is late at night for me), I don't even see all the alliances being filled on a regular basis. We're oftentimes missing at least four people. Considering that Seal Rock released only recently, this should not be.

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lightspeed/benefic proc- Without a reduction in Global Cool Down we simply have the ILLUSION of being faster since nearly every spell you would cast under Linkshell has a cast time shorter than Global Cool Down


FFXIV Wiki:Y'shtola and Y'mhitra are a different sort of exception

I believe I was one of the first few people in this sub-forum to explicitly identify Y'shtola as Y'mhitra's sister, so I was pretty happy to see the story officially confirm their relationship in Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward.


At UFFXIV-Talk about the fundamental mess of problems with the new red scrip system

Let's get real, people who were 8/8 50 in Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn were bound to get 8/8 60 fast. They knew this would happen, it is not an error. There is nothing else developed for crafting, they decided to just leave it out.


That mantra still applies to FFXIV

That mantra still applies to FFXIV. It's the internet. Just expect more of the latter. It stinks, yeah, but people take advantage of anonymity. And their insecurities show a lot when they're stressed


Yoshida recent interview about Final Fantasy XIV

They answered some of our suggestions really well with Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward but also made some dumb mistakes, lets hope they can fix it in future and do even better with 4.0.


FFXIV Housing Solutions: Can we do it together?

Airship Workshop Personal Houses that are opened to allow other members of the community can band together and have access to the airship features from FFXIV Heavensward without forcing players to be in a guild.

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