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I never had MP issues as FFXIV Astrologian in both Nocturnal and Diurnal. Knowing the exact phases helps a lot when it comes to cooldowns.

I never had MP issues as FFXIV Astrologian in both Nocturnal and Diurnal

I never had MP issues as FFXIV Astrologian in both Nocturnal and Diurnal. Knowing the exact phases helps a lot when it comes to cooldowns.


From what you said you seem to have issues in P1 (most likely you are healing solo), here's a little breakdown :


Assuming Diurnal Sect :

Spam ONLY Benefic 1, i'm ilvl193 too and it's enough, even if sometimes a little Benefic 2 instant proc can be useful, don't use it too much.


Big AoE -> Aspected Helios


Hydrothermal missile (Prey) Start casting Benefic 1 on Prey target before the 1st missiles comes down, Lightspeed, 2 Benefic 2 on prey Target, Essential Dignity on the Tank, start healing the tank again


Big AoE -> the first A.Helios is still running, don't heal the raid


Photon Spaser -> No one takes damage, top off people too low on health with Benefic 1 while placing yourself for...


Resin Bomb -> Keep A.Benefic up on the tank while running


Photon Spaser -> Light a smoke or if people are too low on health, start casting Aspected Helios before the...


Big AoE -> Aspected Helios OR Helios if you precasted A.Helios


Emergency Deployment (ADDS) -> Take care, don't get Mini. You can throw an additionnal Helios here if things are going a little south.



Hydrothermal Missile (Prey) -> Synastry the tank, start casting Benefic 1 before the first missile hit, then 2 Benefic 2, Essential Dignity on your tank if he's taking too much damage, he REALLY needs to buy ffxiv gil be topped of for...


Big AoE-> Helios


Big AoE -> Helios


Photon Spaser -> Aspected Helios, start casting Helios again for

Double Big AoE, P1 done, 0.5 comes say hello.


Ofcourse pop LA when you're around 9k MP. Alternatively, you can pop Synastry on the FIRST prey, and Lightspeed on the second to be allowed to replace yourself easily for the double big aoes followed by the Photon Spaser. Might even be better to reduce the cost of that nasty Helios spamming but in return Synastry increases the potency of your Helioses so... i don't know, both are good.


(sorry for "Big AoE" i can't remember the name of this ability, the cannon barrage like thingy)


It's the same, every fight. Note that i've not done this fight a lot POST-Astrologian buff, hence the late use of Synastry and some ED that might not be necessary i don't know. But overall, it shouldn't be too different.


Also note that I pretty much always engage with AoE Spear+CO, and pop LA in the last seconds of the buff, allowing it to come back a little sooner.


If you didn't overreact you should be well over 50% mana and LA coming soon after the beggining of P2.


P2 is pretty much the same idea, except that there's now two people healing the big AoEs and only one Prey phase per Jump. Synastry the tank, Benefic1 2x Benefic2 on prey target, Essential dignity the tank before the Hypercompressed Plasma (tankbuster), rinse and repeat.


Disclaimer : Might not be the best way to do it, might even be a TERRIBLE way to do it, but it worked for me so... meh.

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