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Level all DoH to get cross class abilities. Level one DoH to 60 - you'll need to spend quite a bit of ffxiv gil on lvl50+ gear and mats for levelling.

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Well my CUL is 0. That's why i'm reluctant. I'm concerned it'll require a lot of mats. Steady Hand II does seem like an excellent ability. Would allow me to build up Inner Quiet stacks 100% with Basic Touch, right? I've been using Standard touch with Steady Hand I but run out of CP quite fast. Since I've gone all the way to 50 with the other 7 DoH I may as well bite the bullet - it's just a shame that the game requires you to grind other classes that you are not interested in. I feel this should be optional, rather than essential in order to become good at even one DoH. If Specialisation has not changed this (a new crafter still needs to level a bunch of crafts to become good in one craft), then I'm confused in the point of specialisation.


I'll definitely try to save some FFXIV Gil on store brought lvl55. Hopefully regular quality will suffice. 

I don't mind trading at all - i.e. I need to buy mats made by an FFXIV Alchemist for WVR recipies, but I can sell mats made with FFXIV Weaver that other DoH require. The only issue is where I am unable to make a profit because materials cost as much as or more than the finished piece of gear. I suppose this is the result of high lvl60's being able to craft the same item more cheaply with NQ mats.


So, as it currently stands I see that there are a few options for levelling DoH:


1. Level a single DoH / no cross class abilities - you'll need a fair amount of ffxiv gil for gear and mats just to level. Not sure if you'll stand a chance in hell at end game crafting without any cross class abilities (even with specialisation).


2. Level all DoH to get cross class abilities. Level one DoH to 60 - you'll need to spend quite a bit of ffxiv gil on lvl50+ gear and mats for levelling. At end game crafting you should be fine as long as you don't mind buying mats? Still profitable recipies?


3. Level all DoL/H to 60. - You don't have to buy anything unless it's dead cheap and you CBA to craft/gather it yourself. You own the market boards.


If you've done option 2 like me, then I guess you're already well on you're way to, and may as well go for option 3. Option 1 seems like a waste of time. I'm a bit disappointed with this all or nothing design to be honest, and hoped that specialisation would change things, but seems not? At least I can see that specialisation has prevented the "requirement" to level all crafts beyond 50, but when you have taken them to 50, another 10 levels is hardly the issue. Well, if that's how it is, I will just have to go all in I guess, but I hope in future this situation can change.

That i'm not missing something before divining fully into omni crafting.

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