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There are many such in existence on Sargatanas. If you check membership every one is a Black Mage with names which follow the random lettering of bots and ffxiv gil sellers.

How to Fix Housing Without Everyone Freaking Out

So there has been a sort of on-going war between those that own houses and those that wish to own houses lately. As the scenario that we all knew would happen is coming to fruition (i.e. There's no houses available in any wards.)


The people with houses cry, "We farmed up the money for these houses and it was never stated that they could be taken away so why take them away? So, we're supposed to just lose all of our money if we leave for a while?"


The people without houses cry, "Since houses have indefinite property rights the current system is unsustainable. As more player join the game the number of houses remains relatively constant and all the plots are always taken up so newer players will never be able to purchase a house without paying absurd amounts for someone to abandon their plots."


The thing is, neither side is wrong. So, I intend to offer a solution that will keep both sides at the very least content. If the owner of a building does not go into their house at least once within 6 months, the plot goes up for sale at the original sale price with the same price decay rules as before. However, the house is not demolished and if the owner returns before the plot is sold, (s)he may reclaim their plot with no additional cost. However, if the plot is sold, the original owner is given the sale price of the house, minus 20% because 'ffxiv gil-sink'.


Let me know below what you think and please be sure to be incredibly vehement and venomous when you do it too! We can't let someone on the internet be wrong can we?


The current three residential areas should never have been anything but Free Company housing.




1. Only one house may be owned per account on a single world, whether it's an Free Company or personal house UNLESS Square makes personal housing completely separate from the already existing wards.


2. Anyone belonging to an Free Company may not leave it in order to start a new Free Company and then turn leadership over to one of their alt characters.


3. SE has obviously got the ability to know who is in an Free Company at any given time SO it behooves them to check the roster of any Free Company which is trying to purchase land and deny the purchase if the roster indicates evidence of being a BOT Free Company.There are many such in existence on Sargatanas. If you check membership every one is a Black Mage with names which follow the random lettering of bots and ffxiv gil sellers.

4. SE needs to add more tabs to Free Company chests, which will reduce the need some people have for starting an Free Company simply to gain more tabs.


5. SE could also let an Free Company have as many garden plots as they wish on their land, regardless of plot size. This also would negate another reason for people wanting to own additional houses.

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