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Sanguine Blade used to be Regen in this build, but I realized that the game content isn't tuned for an extra stacked regen to be coming from a DPS. Light party stuff would become much easier for a healer with a RDM Regen'ing and Phalanx'ing the tank

Final Fantasy XIV Red Mage - Sanguine Blade used to be Regen in this build

It's not a flat -10% damage really... its that weapon damage stat is lower like Bard/MCN weapons. I make RDM Fire even with Black Mage AF III Fire mechanically, but build in some innate weakness with the lower weapon D because it has 2 DoTs/strong autoattacks/stronger casting in Ice phase, combo bonuses/Doublecast instead of procs, and no tier IV or Enochian; and the hope is to hit weaker than Black Mage with the same spells, sustain a dps a bit lower overall, and enjoy less reliance on turreting. Same deal with Cure compared to a Healer's Cure, but that's innately weaker from lower Weapon D and healing potency penalty because RDM is a dps job. Its much stronger than other caster's Physick because I can't imagine RDM with an ineffective basic Cure.


While this weakens both melee and magic, I think its needed because RDM has SO MANY utility skills: raise, a strongish Cure, a weak Cure III equivalent on a cooldown, Goad equivalent, single target Shroud of Saints equivalent, two +5% damage vulnerability debuffs that are AoE, and a strong single target damage mitigation boost. Even if many of these things are on 30s-120s cooldowns, that's still a lot of utility to toss around that simply out-classes other dps' utility (except the aoe resource recovery of Bard/mcn).


I don't know how it will play out with the numbers, but NIN/SMN level dps or a little lower would be good. I'm already afraid that strong DoT spells, auto-attacks, and its bursty doublecasting will be too good, and that removing spellblade's damage boost to same element spells and/or increasing Doublecast's cooldown might be needed to balance its dps. Possibly remove combat raise trait too. Then again, I may be jumping the gun because I'm comparing a level 70 apple to level 60 oranges. Who knows what all the other DPS will get from 61-70?


I will offer you some examples that didn't make the cut because keeping things balanced is the most important thing:


Sanguine Blade used to be Regen in this build, but I realized that the game content isn't tuned for an extra stacked regen to be coming from a DPS. Light party stuff would become much easier for a healer with a RDM Regen'ing and Phalanx'ing the tank. And even 8/24 man stuff could get pretty broke with a few RDM's adding their Regens in the mix. It would have to be unstackable. But who wants a spell that gets a no effect message a lot of the time because there are already regen effects from the Healer(s)?


Runic Blade used to be a mini-stance that acted like a temporary 4th SpellBlade element in this build. This sacrificed SpellBlade's bonuses and added Dispel effect to Discharge and AoE Blindess to Circle Blade. It also made Discharge, Circle Blade, and all melee damage immune to damage mitigation abilities (not damage shields though). Even though this type of damage "piercing through resistances" has been in Final Fantasy games before, I realized it'd be an unfair advantage over every other DPS job in some fights where bosses have strong damage resistance phases. It also seemed like too much extra complexity for very niche-use stuff. Runic Blade was tuned down to its basic absorb magic damage as mp cooldown.


DEX doesn't quite make sense for NIN's either since it was only used as a physical ranged main stat prior to NIN being added. But yeah, I feel ya that Quick Thrust and Pressure are both pretty obviously pure melee attacks, without SpellBlade. With RDM, I think multiple main stats would be bad no matter what you did with traits because of the way gear is stat'ed, and because of the materia system. I'm already a little frustrated by having many skills that use skill speed, and many that use spell speed, and I can find no easy way to combine them without breaking materia melding. This is why I circumvented Healing potency/MND issues by binding it to a percentage of INT with a trait, and making MND have no effect on anything (easy since it only effected Cure). I could try do the same with the speed substats but they each have an effect on many skills. If I used a trait so one = the other, or one adds its value to the other... then someone would try melding both speeds on a piece of gear and either waste their materia with no warning that it would give 0 effect, or worse, find out that they can double-dip one or both stats.


The game needs to stay as brain-dead simple as we can reasonably make it, so there has to be just one main stat. The idea here with all INT damage is that SpellBlade is always being used once you learn it, the same way SCH's and SMN's are always under the effect of Aetherflow. And since SpellBlade imbues elemental energy in your sword... its an easy leap that INT can be the main stat for melee damage skills. Since this ability is learned at level 15 and future jobs would be starting at level 30+, we don't even have to fret over the awkward pre-Spellblade period from levels 1-14. If the job was called Mystic Knight instead of Red Mage, would you still think its sword skills should use STR instead of INT?


Yes, we could make SpellBlade actually change those skills and auto-attacks from STR based to INT based... but is there any value to having that extra complexity? Do we need another "My skill just did double-digit damage? Oops, forgot to turn on my stance." thing? Or is it just simpler, to say main stat is INT because of theme/signature skills, even for the few cases where that doesn't make sense. My final comment on the subject is, NIN magic is still powered by DEX, and PLD Flash is powered by STR.

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