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Bard and Final Fantasy XIV Machinist have the same role in raiding- they will both provide support through songs. In this case, Machinist will provide his support through the use of turrets supplying the TP/MP recharge.

Final Fantasy XIV Machinist AoE is better

Bard and Machinist have the same role in raiding- they will both provide support through songs. In this case, Machinist will provide his support through the use of turrets supplying the TP/MP recharge.


Bard excels in Damage over Time abilities on single targets, amplified by their new 50-60 kit.


Both MCN and BRD will have a "binding" mechanic where standing still will benefit their damage output (Gauss Barrel and Wanderer's Minuet respectively) 

Raid utiltiy wise, Machinist will pull slightly ahead in damage reduction as they have more preventive damage, but lack what Foe's Reqiuem can bring to a party. It's hard to tell which will have more utility in a raid environment as it will be dependent on the encounter design as to which is more suited.


All in all, if you are a casual player the choice will matter naught- you should pick which class you like to play more as their rotations are radically different. However, if you are looking to raid at a higher tier and you are currently a Bard for your raid group, you should level a Machinist. They share almost the same gear so you will be rolling for the same stuff, and you will fill the same slot only allowing your raid more versatility in crafting better strategy for raid encounters.


Machinist has better AoE


Bard's AoE is up in the air on how it is suppose to be played with recent changes. Right now with the Rain of Death change we no longer have an AoE rotation anymore. Because of that, it's recommended you do not use Wide Volley at all, whatsoever, unless you cannot position yourself for Quick Nock. Wide Volley does the same amount of damage at a longer range but has a smaller radius and costs more TP. Since Wide Volley cannot proc a free charge of Rain of Death any longer, there's very little reason to use it.


It's hard to tell how you should perform AoE now, though. Since DoTs directly increase our AoE rotation damage, DoTting targets may prove beneficial, especially since Quick Nock is still a huge TP dump. It is definitely worth it to DoT <3 targets up and continue ST rotation on one of them, but using Rain of Death weaves instead of Bloodletter weaves. However, at 4 enemies it may be beneficial to attempt to DoT them up when you have all (or quite a few) buffs up. I think we'll have to see some numbers ran on this but since the Simulation community moves at snail's pace (heck ACT is only now working on DX11, apparently), and the grind to 60 will take quite a while, we won't see any hard numbers for a while.

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