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Change or replace smokescreen, a 3minute CD quelling strike is useless. If the healer gets aggro on trashpulls we can simply shadeshift to the tank and rip the monsters off the healer.

Final Fantasy XIV Dark Knight

- Enable magical attack parries in Darkside, balance it so each parried magical attack will slightly reduce MP or something.


- Alter the Dark Arts effect on Dark Passenger and Dark Dance, blind and evasion does not fit well with dark dance's MP regain.


- ie. Add a DOT effect on Dark Arts/Dark Passenger, increases attack speed for Dark Arts/Dark Dance (well, you are 'dancing')


- Allow Reprisal to be activated under Dark Arts, it's completely useless in the case of off tanking/Magical attack enemies.


- TP issue, add a refresh TP effect to Blood Weapon or something.


- In terms of mitigations, Shadow Wall is basically a vengence without the extra effects, so why the longer CD for a lesser effect?




- TP issues, allow Mug to steal TP instead of HP


- Change the new skill names back to romanized japanese, seriously who came up with "Dream within a Dream" for "Mugen Sandan"


- A shukuchi change would be really nice. MNK's shoulder tackle is 30s CD, Dragoon has Spineshatter Dive and Dragonfire Dive, both are on 60s CD. NINs only have Shukuchi which is 60s CD, although it doesn't require a target, it takes an extra step to actually follow up with an attack. Give it something along the lines of "Grants the effect of Shukuchi, using a weaponskill will move towards the target within 15y range, or target the ground to move quickly to the specified location." Basically giving the option to turn the next weaponskill into a gap closer while still retaining the original effect.


- Slight DPS boost by reducing the CD on Mugen Sandan and Issou (Dream within a Dream and Duality)


- Change or replace smokescreen, a 3minute CD quelling strike is useless. If the healer gets aggro on trashpulls we can simply shadeshift to the tank and rip the monsters off the healer. Let the healer becomes strong. You may get more cheap ffxiv gil. On boss openers Black Mage/Bard should have quelling strike on anyways.


- MUDRA LAG! I mean, I understand if theres an input delay, but having the ninjutsus used on client side, only to have the server respond with a bunny, that's too much. It doesn't make sense to have a weapon skill interrupt a mudra, the punishment should only be there to force you to remember your mudra combinations correctly.

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Stronger DoT effects, they get two DoTs that I find super effective and that in my opinion invalidate the 80 "potency" turret that the Machinist gets


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lightspeed/benefic proc- Without a reduction in Global Cool Down we simply have the ILLUSION of being faster since nearly every spell you would cast under Linkshell has a cast time shorter than Global Cool Down


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While I'm perfectly fine with ammo as it is, I can get behind the idea of it adding a different effect to skills outside of the primary 1,2,3 rotation.


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Darkside annoys me, I wish they'd have given Dark Knight Mana Draw... MP is definitely the biggest issue with Dark Knight in PvP. Without Darkside or MP for Dark Arts, Dark Knight just becomes completely rubbish.


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As a disclaimer, I am only a level 48 Astrologian, and I do not have end-game healing experience, so I cannot say exactly how to prioritize everything.

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