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However, beyond that, starting out, I think you should make sure to use Fending armor and accessories until you are truly confident in your abilities as a Dark Knight.

Final Fantasy XIV:Could a seasoned Dark Knight help this novice out?

What I did, and will continue to do, is pump all stat points into Strength. My logic is that it helps my damage and consequently, my ability to hold hate better. More Strength = More Hate, essentially.When you hit 50 and dont have any Tome Tank Gear around the Ishgardian NPC's sell you a complete Ilvl 115 Set. Costs around 150K FFXIV Gil. It's worth the investion.


However, beyond that, starting out, I think you should make sure to use Fending armor and accessories until you are truly confident in your abilities as a Dark Knight. Paladin players have it easier because to be quite frank, Paladin is Easy Mode Tanking. Source? Myself, and a level 52 Paladin currently grinding on their Zodiac before I continue leveling that job. Paladin currently has only 1 rotation of Weapon skills for example at this point for me.


Dark Knight has THREE.


My Dark Knight however is level 54. And in my experience the 400 bonus HP you would get from those stat points pumped into Vit do not help me nowhere near as much as Strength has on matters. You kill mobs just a touch faster and your aggro management is stronger for it.


So, basically, Str for stat points is what I would recommend, and all Fending gear until you find your comfort zone. That's a good mix, I feel.


Also, be sure to maximize your potential tanking abilities. I've seen a lot of Drks not use Dark Dance + Dark Arts for example. The boost to your dodging ability helps tremendously, and almost every fight I open starts with Dark Arts + Dark Dance if I can help it. Then as the fight progresses, Foresight, Shadow Skin, Shadow Wall, and so on.


The reason why a lot of Dark Knight's seem squishy is because, well, they are. Many don't open with abilities that make them take less damage. Paladin can get away with a Foresight starting out mostly because of their shield. Blood bath etc, helps.


Not so much Final Fantasy XIV Dark Knight. We eat a ton of damage to the face compared to Paladin starting a fight. So be aware of it, and prep your cool downs when opening.

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Once I hit lvl 60 it took me 2 days to get the lvl 180 law bow. The 180 law bow is unquestionably better than the 170 Bismark EX bow drop, but ravana bow is the best (ilvl 190).


I'll definitely try to save some FFXIV Gil on store brought lvl55

Level all DoH to get cross class abilities. Level one DoH to 60 - you'll need to spend quite a bit of ffxiv gil on lvl50+ gear and mats for levelling.


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Helping new players out - Sometimes I just give random amounts of gil to them, anything upto 200k ffxiv gil, help them with fates and such things


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There are many such in existence on Sargatanas. If you check membership every one is a Black Mage with names which follow the random lettering of bots and ffxiv gil sellers.


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