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As far as PvP goes, Bard is kind of the Sniper class of FFXIV. You don't move anywhere close to the front lines of a skirmish. Because of WM and the skills gated behind it

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Bard vs Dragoon

Bard isn't as bad as people make it out to be. So don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I don't know much about Dragoon but I've leveled my Bard to 60 and have done Alex NM raids with it, so I'll try to give you some insight on it. In terms of PvP, I've also played Bard in it as well, so will go into that too.


With the introduction of Wanderer's Minuet, Bard becomes a mini-caster in a sense; however their cast times are alot shorter than actual mage classes. The cast time of each skill, I do believe, is around 1.25-1.50 of a Global Cool Down. That leaves you roughly 1sec of a Global Cool Down to:

- Weave in an Global Cool Down skill

- Weave in a buff

- Repositioning/moving in an anticipation of an AoE


The thing that people have hammered on the most is being stationary. Most of it is not true, as I've already stated above, you could still easily move and dodge things at no cost to your DPS output if done after or before a skill finishes casting and stopping to cast right before the Global Cool Down goes through a full cycle. If you've played a healer or a caster class, you would know that you can move a few miliseconds before the cast ends, and it will still execute allowing for further movement.


If you were to main a Bard, you'll still be very much in demand for progression. Do expect competitions for the spot with Machinists though.

Bard and Machinist are the only two classes that can help regen MP for healers which is a very welcomed asset for progression.


As far as PvP goes, Bard is kind of the Sniper class of FFXIV. You don't move anywhere close to the front lines of a skirmish. Because of WM and the skills gated behind it, you wanna use it as much as possible, plus the additional 20%-30% boost to dmg output. So to play this class effectively, you want to stay back and snipe. Let your melees or tanks do all of the distraction for you while you snipe at people. Find the right target and the right timing and you can burst down any non-tanks within seconds while you're in WM. Once people start focusing at you, you wanna turn WM off and pull back behind a group til you're no longer targetted and start sniping again.


So overall, Bard does not have a ton of firepower, but it is still viable for any raid currently available. But it's support abilities along with its strong capability to burst down a target, and be able to keep DPS uptime is probably many of the reasons I still love playing as Bard. Hope this helped you decide Buy FFXIV Gil! Good luck!

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