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And it all contributes to Dark Knight feeling menacing and powerful and well, Dark Knight. Watching the dark flames coat your blade during combos and the nasty-looking afterimages of your blade hanging in the air after carving up

Final Fantasy XIV - So then Dark Knight came and once I had it at 60 I was in love

As a new job I think its totally fair to have a thread devoted to gushing about it, especially now that (hopefully) the playerbase is more knowledgeable about how it plays and performs. I firmly believe Squenix did a really good job here.


I changed mains too, from Dragoon, after spending pretty much the entirety of 2.5 wanting to tank and tanking on the side with both Paladin and WAR but being locked into DPS by my static at the time.


So then Dark Knight came and once I had it at 60 I was in love:


1. Playing the job is a sound/lightshow. The particle effects on our abilities are stunning and fun to watch, and the sound effects of Spin Slash, Scourge, Abyssal Drain, and Blood Weapon never get old. And it all contributes to Dark Knight feeling menacing and powerful and well, Dark Knight. Watching the dark flames coat your blade during combos and the nasty-looking afterimages of your blade hanging in the air after carving up some poor unfortunate striking dummy is more than enough motivation to practice my rotation every time I log in.


2. Its complete mental masturbation to play. You're in a constant state of losing your most precious resource while at the same time doing all the things that a tank must do (hold hate, mitigate, and dps) and the Dark Arts mechanic is just phenomenal. I love that it is readily available seconds later but you actually have to think about what you can get away with doing and be strategic.


3. Piggybacking off the above, its never boring, especially while MTing. MTing on Dark Knight means the boss controls the pace of your rotation in many ways, with the procs and Blood Price returns, which is actually incredibly refreshing and rewards you for knowing the fight.


4. The proc mechanics I just mentioned are actually beautifully designed. The idea of getting a DPS benefit from parrying is incredibly satisfying, and once you get over having to use Dark Dance to manipulate those procs its incredibly fun. The constant sparta kicking of the boss you're tanking and the just plain badass "K-SHING!!...SHWING!" of Reprisal are absolutely the SHIT.


5. These procs further add to the fast paced and active feel of the job which, I don't care what anyone says, is almost totally absent from the other two tanks. This is probably the main contributing factor to my distaste for the general feeling of playing WAR, as powerful as that job is, having only one oGlobal Cool Down (the generic stun every melee and their dog has) leaves me starved for buttons to mash.


6. This fast paced feel again comes from all the oGlobal Cool Downs, all of which have 1-min recasts or shorter, down to 20 seconds or even a split second if you're getting some good procs. The weaving is exciting and of course contributes a crapton of DPS.


7. Blood Weapon is insanely fun to use especially if you're stance dancing while MTing. There's nothing like popping it and Blood Price back to back and spamming DA Souleater and Carve and Spit.


8. Carve and Spit's animation is sick.


9. Regardless of what is said about the viability of the tanks in content and who is the best tank and blah blah blah, Dark Knight imo is hands down the most fun to play.


10. By far the tank built for speed running dungeons.


11. Having abilities that appeared at first to conflict, only to make sense later (DA DD and DA DP after BP falls off... duh) is rewarding.


12. I've gotten to A3S on this job, I can safely say that the job rewards you greatly for playing it right. Crazy satisfying.


13. The fact that it only has one CD with a recast of more than 90s makes mitigation fast paced as well and allows for creative and adaptable ways to stack them and your cross-class abilities.


14. The initial pull makes you feel like a badass. DA-Salted Earth-Unmend-Plunge-Carve is insanely satisfying, and favors an established pulling ritual that your party can easily fall in line with. Casters can start their casts as they see you DA and maximize burst, healers can even put AoE HoTs up on pull and burst DPS for a whilebecause you generate so much friggin hate.


15. Big Sword.


16. Dealing highest MT DPS somehow feels more satisfying, at least to me, than (like WAR) dealing highest OT DPS.


17. Speaking of which, the OT rotation is brilliantly designed so that you can keep all your DoTs/debuffs up and rotate between Delirium and DA SE (DAing every one) even with the attack speed variations of Blood Weapon.


18. Not a single move in their toolkit is useless. From Sole Survivor to Reprisal to Hard Slash, there's been a use for everything in all content, from unlocking the job and running Haukke NM all the way to A3S where I am now.


19. The Dark Arts mechanic offers you multiple ways to use several abilities. Having options contributes to success and things not being boring.


20. A gap closer on a tank is awesome. Another thing that made the transition from Dragoon to Dark Knight feel natural for me personally.


21. Salted Earth as a placed AoE on a tank is more useful than you'd think initially, especially in progression when your DPS need to go ham asap to meet checks, you put it down where you know stuff is about to spawn to act as enmity insurance before even your first Global Cool Down. Its also nice to contribute DPS over time to targets you're not tanking.


22. Grit DA SE is crazy strong. Being able to out-heal Eos is pretty OP. I can soloheal myself on dungeon bosses.


23. Getting a crit with an Adlo with all your CDs up and taking zero damage from a 25K TB is pretty fun when it happens.


24. The cross class abilities from the other tanks actually synergize really well with the job's native CDs.


25. Abyssal Drain is genius. Being able to pull groups at a distance with a targeted ranged AoE makes speed runs so much easier.


26. Did I mention this job is built for speed runs? I'd go so far as to say it straight-up is THE speed-run tank.


27. Resource management is fun and varied. Having to do it as a tank means no fight, at least in the MT slot, unfolds in the same way twice. DA being tied to your mitigation and your DPS means your rotation is effected by your mitigation and vice versa. You have to think intelligently, know the fight, and think several Global Cool Downs ahead. Its like playing chess and is so fun and rewarding when you learn the fight properly and just absolutely make the boss and the encounter your bitch, even in the face of constantly depleting MP and constant weaving of abilities in between your combos and the tough decisions you have to learn to make on the fly.


Regardless of what people have said in other threads, in game, and elsewhere, Dark Knight, in a vacuum and outside of the influences of content and how it plays in it, (the DPS heavy meta will always stroke WARs no matter how competitive our DPS can be under the right circumstances, at least as an MT), feels like the most brilliantly and creatively designed tank right now. I'll totally admit my bias but I had played both tanks at 50 pre-HW and was bored by them after awhile, although they'll both be 60 soon as well. It absolutely feels like the best designed new job.


Play it. Its fun. But play it right. Too many people play this job sooo poorly.

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