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I prefer and want Dark Knight as a tank, but not the tank it currently is. It has no identity other than to look cool, and do more MT damage than Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Paladin.

Final Fantasy XIV - I enjoy and prefer it as a tank

I however don't prefer it as the terribly homogenized cliche tank it is right now. We are literally butthurt FFXIV Paladins who got rejected for being terrible at mitigation, so we went to the dark side out of spite. Only we also kind of want to be a Warrior, so we lug around a massive sword and do decent damage for all of 2 minutes, which is only thanks to high potency attacks and a bunch of oGCD abilities (Not much creativity there), and then we're left without TP.


We have no gimmick, no mechanic to call our own, nothing. Could argue Dark Arts is our gimmick, but it's really just a poorly done lockout with an unlock price of 20% of our MP, just to use the Dark Arts benefits of 3 abilities that we NEED ffxiv gil in order to even be efficient. Ontop of that, it has a fairly high skill ceiling but with no pay off for reaching the top.


I love the class and plan to stick it out, but at this rate, I'd prefer Dark Knight as a DPS instead of a tank with no real identity in terms of what it should be doing. Our thing was suppose to be magic tanking, yet just to tank magic the way we currently do, which is still outshined even by FFXIV Paladins (At least magical tank busters, but likely A4 pure magic damage as well if the group takes a Monk), we wind up lacking incredibly heavily in the physical mitigation department.

According to SE's recent statistics, Dark Knight is the least played tank(Surprising, isn't it?). Once we get some physical tank busters, we're likely going to become even less common because we can not mitigate them. As someone else explained in another post I read somewhere I don't feel like digging up right now, we're only relevant because content is allowing it. That and with SE directly calling us a magic tank while 2 of 4 floors of the end game raid use magic tank busters, people flock to the mindset that Dark Knight must just be good at dealing with magic! Throw Reprisal in on top of that and you have an entire false image of what Dark Knight really is embedded into your head, but with nothing to show for it other than "Well SE said so, so it must be true!". Tanks need to be balanced against each other before anything (Which includes far more than just the damage they can do because they're tanks, not DPS). Then content should be balanced against them. They didn't seem to do that however in anything but our damage.


And as far as design, we should have been absorption/blood leech tanks. Strong in self healing. Main tank mechanic revolves around gathering darkness through abilities/attacks and using it as an absorption shield similar to an extension of our own health (Think WoW Blood Dark Knight's blood shield mechanic during WotLK, only ours is the Darkness within us that we feed to keep going). Makes use of CD's that boost that shield, makes it grow faster, whatever. Other CD's such as ones that can nullify a large portion of incoming damage and then redistribute it to yourself as a DoT over a time frame. And then other things in general really that SE could think up, they're creative enough. Now sure this is just my opinion on the way they should be, but literally I'd be happy with anything that is not what they are right now.


I prefer and want Dark Knight as a tank, but not the tank it currently is. It has no identity other than to look cool, and do more MT damage than Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Paladin.

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