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And no...defeating Ultima would not have been enough. That was closing a plot line that from 1.0. FFXIV Heavensward is dealing with a plot line that continued beyond the defeat of Ultima.

FFXIV Heavensward is dealing with a plot line that continued beyond the defeat of Ultima

Leveling is not that big an issue. They practically throw experience points at you now. Especially if you properly use the Duty Finder. Couple that with the Challenge Log, Hunt Logs, and sprinkle in things like rested bonus and Armory Bonus (if you have a job already leveled higher) and getting most of your levels is a breeze. Starting a job at level 1, you can hit level 5 or 6 without ever upgrading gear just running from one zoneline to another killing stuff along the way. Even with my first job I'm taking past 50 I maintain a 63% bonus to all my kills if I'm using food.


And no...defeating Ultima would not have been enough. That was closing a plot line that from 1.0. FFXIV Heavensward is dealing with a plot line that continued beyond the defeat of Ultima.

As for future jobs...if they are bound to areas that only become accessible through story line, then yes it may be required that you progress through the story to the point that you can access it. The catch there is whether it is an expansion of the existing story arch (like Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward is, and XI's ZM/CoP, the little Shantotto and such add-ons, Abyssea, etc.--the new content had close ties to the story of older content that you had to have done to gain access), or if it is something that runs parallel like XI's TAU, Abyssea, WotG, and SoA expansions. Technically you could gain access at lower levels and a lower point in the story, but there was progression gating in place for continuity (had to be certain rank and/or level, had to complete a quest that required you to farm items from certain level mobs--one path might be level 20-30 mobs, another might be 50+ like Testimonies, and to get to the targets you may have needed to unlock access to the zones by progressing to certain points in story archs). But.. when you got there and went to unlock the jobs, you found yourself running through areas ranging from 60 all the way to 100. So yeah... you could unlock the region at 30...but it may not have been wise to try to unlock the jobs without having a job leveled to 60+.


It all depends on how the new story arc ties into the existing story arc. In the case of Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward, the main story was not finished (haven't completed it yet, it may in fact still remain unfinished when I hit 60). As you progress through the current Heavensward chapters you bounce back and forth between the realms dealing with events that were not finalized in ARR. You have to run back to each of the three starting nations for missions. And that is just dealing with one particular vein of the stories. If you were running the Allaghan side story as well, THAT has been left hanging as well--we may find ourselves revisting that one day, and the requirement for that will mean you have to make your way through LotA, Syrcus, and World of Darkness. You would also need to be level 50 for that progression as well.

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