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Not just because it was rendered with a totally different engine to the game engine that FFXIV ARR runs under, because ARR replaces it, 1.0 has been retconned in every way

FFXIV ARR is not so much a sequel to version 1.0

This isn't too dissimilar to how version 1.0 handled the Echo - certain quests would literally ask you to 'Use the power of the Echo?" and doing so would trigger an Echo-scene. Sadly however because the way the Echo is implemented has been changed in ARR, this no longer really 'fits' (in 1.0 there was virtually zero visual difference when in an Echo scene or not, where as here in FFXIV ARR the Echo is clearly defined like viewing an old grainy video) - a shame, as I really liked that function in 1.0, especially when it was used in the original class quests.

I don't really think it would attract people out into the world again, as you said so yourself, once a player has found and viewed this hypothetical content, they won't see it again, making this little more than the current Sightseeing Log. It's a nice idea, but I think a Datalog/lore journal would probably work better as it wouldn't require such a massive amount of development resources (cutscenes are very costly in terms of development time, even when they're just static dialogue).


As for a couple of your other points: Gilgamesh isn't a Primal, he's... a living person from Planet R (FFV's world) who was originally a villain in FFV. He ended up being thrown into the Void at the end of that game and has since become a kind of wanderer of the Void, which is used to explain his re-occurring appearances in successive FF games. So no real explanation is necessary as to why he's now in Hydaelyn as FFXIV's lore easily explains that - he escaped from the Void into Hydaelyn because the aetheric boundary between the material world and the Void is extremely weak due to the Calamity (the same reason why Hydaelyn is full of Voidsent like imps and ahriman). No more explanation is necessary. 


As for the pre-Calamity Eorzea, sadly whenever I see people mention this, I have a feeling they mean they want to see the 1.0 Eorzea, which will never happen. Not just because it was rendered with a totally different engine to the game engine that FFXIV ARR runs under, because ARR replaces it, 1.0 has been retconned in every way. So if we ever do get Echo scenes of life before the Calamity, it is guaranteed that the scene will be rendered using ARR's engine instead of 1.0's Crystal Tools, and lore/narration would be retconned to fit in with ARR's story. Which would just disappoint a lot of players.


Remember, FFXIV ARR is not so much a sequel to version 1.0, but more a reboot that replaces the original game in every way, including story. Things on 1.0 like the 'Calamity' were simply a convenient way to explain the changes between the two games and to send the old game out with a bang.

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