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Darkside annoys me, I wish they'd have given Dark Knight Mana Draw... MP is definitely the biggest issue with Dark Knight in PvP. Without Darkside or MP for Dark Arts, Dark Knight just becomes completely rubbish.

Anyone else feel like Dark Knight is a bit lacking in Final Fantasy XIV?

Darkside annoys me, I wish they'd have given Dark Knight Mana Draw... MP is definitely the biggest issue with Dark Knight in PvP. Without Darkside or MP for Dark Arts, Dark Knight just becomes completely rubbish.


Other than that though... Living Dead I've found very useful, obviously it does nothing when you run off on your own... Would anything? Don't waste it in such a situation. Save it for when you're defending a node and a healer can pop a Benediction and/or you can abuse the hell out of Tar Pit and Abyssal Drain. In a team situation, Living Dead has the exact same benefit Attunement has; Idiots don't know any better. Having people continue to attack you because "they're nearly dead!" is a pretty great distraction technique. Even if you do "waste" it when you're on your own, don't waste it running off trying to find a healer; Go balls to the wall and absolutely wreak whatever DPS forced you to use it. You might not kill them, but someone else might, and if you popped Scourge you could get lucky. I've lost count of how many times I've respawned now, only to get a kill as that DoT finished off whoever was harassing me...


Blood Price? IDK, having a dozen of so people hitting on me while I'm single handily keeping them from taking a node makes that very useful; Great time to pop your PvP skills and start spamming Dark Arts + Abyssal Drain. All the people hitting on your for nothing makes Blood Price awesome in such a scenario. Am I going to survive? Hell no, not unless my team shows up. Do I care? Not at all. So what if I just gave the enemy 5 points and lost us 5 points, the extra time I held that node would have got us far more than 5 points, and the enemy team spent all the time for one kill and the last 20% of the node. IMO that is where FFXIV Dark Knight really excels.


That isn't to say the Job is perfect though... Like I said, I've love to see it get Mana Draw (also does anyone know if Manasong can skip over Darkside? Because it should)... Final Fantasy XIV also had a perfect little spell for Dark Knight too; Dread Spikes. I'd honestly rather see that than Push Back. Basically the same as Blood Price, but HP rather than MP; Enemies hit you, take X damage, your recover X HP. I also kind of wish they'd just out right lower the cost of Dark Arts in PvP, or at the very least give us something similar to Somersault and Perfect Balance... Remove Full Swing, give Dark Knight its own version of the skill with "Grants Darker Arts" effect (having it apply Blood Weapon or Blood Price would perhaps also work, come to think of it), which lets us spam Dark Arts reliant skills for a few seconds. Would be perfect.


Only other change I'd perhaps want is more a PvE one; Living Dead to remove MP costs for its duration. Keep Darkside draining MP, but if I'm about to die, let me go all or nothing and spam Dark Arts like a madman.

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