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Why should I register to buy on UFFXIV?


After you register an account on uffxiv, all of your orders will be recorded in your account, you can then track your order history, check your order status, and enjoy more other member privileges.


When will I receive my gil after I placed an order?


Instant! This unique system we built buys your player immediately after we received your payment. We automatically screen your order and then it literally takes seconds before you receive your coins. This is why you place your order on FFXIV Gil Stock.


Why did the prices go up or down compared to my previous visit?


We always try to be as cheap as possible. When there is no demand for gil, it’s likely prices will go down, when there is a lot demand for gil prices will go up. It’s a natural process. That also explains the difference in price between platforms. We want to remind you, here at ffxiv gil Stock, we try hard to give you the best price we can.


How can I make sure your website is legit?


We are legit. Of course you don’t have to believe us just by telling you.We can also tell you we already have hundreds of happy customers who bought millions of Gil from us.If you’re still not convinced, just try and order 10,00 Gil for a very low amount of money. You’ll see our system is fast and secure!


Do you only accept PayPal?


At present, you can pay by Paypal, Credit Card, Debit Card and Western Union.


What should I do if I want to get a refund?


You can email us your refund request by using your registered email with your order ID and refund reason, or contact our LiveChat System. Then our operators will help you handle it.


How long it takes until I get my refund?


If you pay by paypal, the money will be shown up in your paypal account instantly after we refund at our end. If you pay by a Credit Card, after we refund, it usually takes 3-5 business days for the money to be shown up in your card.


What happens with the personal details I enter on this website?


You never need to worry about the security to pay on UFFXIV, and your personal information will be very safely protected. has been verified by VeriSign and McAfee. UFFXIV has taken security measures to protected our customers' payment information and any other personal information. We assure all the information you submit will never be disclosed to any third parties.

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