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FFXIV FanFest | 5 Things We Need for FanFest 2018

Final Fantasy XIV’s Fan Festival is incredibly fun, and has you leaving with a warm feeling. Seeing people you haven’t seen in years, meeting new folks, getting into really good conversations about the game (I had an hour long conversation at our AirBnB with a friend-of-a-friend about every game in the Final Fantasy series, and it was hands down one of the funnest conversations I’ve ever had), and the overall awesome feeling of being around people who play and like the same things you do. But is FanFest perfect? No, and not a lot of conventions can say they are, but here are five things my Free Company and I discussed about wanting for 2018’s event.


Personal Feedback for FFXV Free Login Campaign

I didn't see a similar thread and there was no survey or questions asked to anyone who partecipated, so I thought I'd share my opinions here.


4.7 out of 5 (from 96 gamers' ratings)

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