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This can be alleviated by sending out shouts constantly regarding it, but that also means locking yourself into a perpetual PF group just in case someone like that joins

Linkshell wouldn't be any more optimized in terms of finding said ffxiv players

This would work, but there is one problem. I imagine that very few players use or even know what the Party Finder is until they get to the point that they are actively doing the hardest content, if even then. I for one never once touched the PF until HW came out and I decided to use it to get parties together for treasure hunting groups. Both when using it then, and when using it later for things such as A4 attempts, (pre-ESO), I found that almost no one joined from just looking in the PF menu, but instead from me shouting about it, getting replies in the form of a tell from people in the same area as me, and then them joining after figuring out what it was. Many of those players also clearly had never used the PF before, as I even had a few people ask me how to join. Since there's no reason to use it for the most part except for farming, raids, or EX Primals, people who don't actively do those things, (either due to no interest, or because they're not that far yet), don't know anything about the Party Finder. Honestly, among my friends who have done a lot more of said content than me, I'm still pretty much the only one who actually knows how to set up a PF group, with most of them just passing the lead to someone else because they "have never done it before".


I'm by no means bashing you post, just explaining that attempting to set something like this up in PF groups would be pretty pointless, because if a player is still doing content such as the Praetorium, then they probably haven't gotten anywhere near doing content that would familiarize them with how to use the Party Finder, so they won't try looking there. This can be alleviated by sending out shouts constantly regarding it, but that also means locking yourself into a perpetual PF group just in case someone like that joins, while at the very least a Linkshell system as the OP is suggesting would allow you to be playing other content while still beginning to form groups for such runs. Still, a Linkshell wouldn't be any more optimized in terms of finding said players, just in having a group of players on standby in a single chat that would be willing to help out first timers.....


OP, I'm fully for your idea, and I agree completely with what you're saying. You lose all of the context behind the cutscenes if you simply view them in an inn room after the fact. It's essentially the same as watching an action movie, but cutting out all the actual action scenes and only leaving in the exposition. The first time I ran the Praetorium, I didn't even get to participate in a fight until Nael, and I only got to join in on that one because one of the healers somehow fell out of the map and the group was waiting on them to figure out how to fix it. I can understand being in a rush because of limited time or because you've run it so often, but it does take quite a bit of the fun out of the run for new players, particularly if you're one of those that constantly tell them to "just watch it in an inn room"...

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