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Namely only your most regularly accessed data will be saved onto the SSD component, which means you will have to regularly play FF14 alot to keep it on the SSD section to benefit from the increased speed.

Get feedback of some people who actually play FF14 with either of them

Now im talking from a PC perspective, but the tech will reap the same benefits


But seriously an SSD and/or an SSHD should be a vast improvement over a regular HDD. I have to wait what feels like forever for my PS4 friends to load after a teleport for example, I've never timed it but i load within 3 seconds and they take what i estimate to be anywhere from 15-20. This is due to the PS4's low grade HDD rated at like 5400RPM, the standard minimum nowadays is 7200RPM.


What is your thoughts on them?

Get one and never look back they are like a gift from heaven. In a nutshell


Do you notice any sort of improvement using them?

As i said above, dramatically faster load times. The system can pull data off an SSD faster so transitions will be smoother and less jittery as you won't be waiting for files. You will still notice dips in framerate though. 


Which would you suggest?

This depends on your needs... a standard SSD fully utilizes flash memory so is always faster, but lacks storage space compared to a similarly priced HDD, where as an SSHD is basically a HDD with a small SSD tacked on. It provides mass storage and increased speed but there are some cons. Namely only your most regularly accessed data will be saved onto the SSD component, which means you will have to regularly play FF14 alot to keep it on the SSD section to benefit from the increased speed. The PS4 OS will also count to this limit too so im not sure how viable an SSHD really is on console, hopefully someone with more experience can help here, as im more for a pure drive kind of guy rather than a hybrid drive.


In short: 

SSD if you don't have many games as EVERYTHING will load faster

SSHD if you have lots of games or plan to have lots, but play FF14 most of the time so you can still benefit from better performance.


If you want my personal opinion, I'd say just get a regular SSD, its far more reliable than a hybrid when it comes to performance, but it will cost more. 


BUT, if you are getting a PC soon i would just save up to get a large SSD for that instead of upgrading the PS4 and then getting a cheaper SSD for your PC. This is what i would do in your situation if im honest...


Also congratz on soon joining the PC mater race

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