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Once I hit lvl 60 it took me 2 days to get the lvl 180 law bow. The 180 law bow is unquestionably better than the 170 Bismark EX bow drop, but ravana bow is the best (ilvl 190).

Final Fantasy XIV Relic zeta will hold you over until level 55

Relic zeta will hold you over until level 55. At level 51 your regular zodiac will get replaced by the weapon drops in stone vi ffxiv gil.


Once I hit lvl 60 it took me 2 days to get the lvl 180 law bow. The 180 law bow is unquestionably better than the 170 Bismark EX bow drop, but ravana bow is the best (ilvl 190). Yesterday I learned that in 3.0 endgame, hunts are king. Get in a hunt shell soon. 


You should be doing as many daily hunts per day as you can to get all the centurion (sp?) seals that you can, and trade them off in Foundation for the upgrade items needed to convert the level 170 law items to 180. You get that quest at lvl 60 in Foundation, next to the place where you grab the hunt marks. 


395 seals for the item to upgrade weapons, 300 seals to upgrade left side, 215 seals to upgrade right side. Bring those to Idyllshire and there is merchant there who will convert 170 law to 180 (sort of like the guy standing next to Gerolt used to do). 


Once you are 60 you can gather law tomes. Daily trial roulette gives 60, daily expert gives 80 (plus what you get from the dungeon), daily high level gives 100, daily low level gives 100. From there you can dungeon grind the 60 dungeons (they aren't too bad), or you can go out and hunt. 170 Weapon costs 570 law (sword and shield combined 570) and can be bought in Idyllshire as well, from a merchant way in the back next to Rowena. Chest and pants are 475 law, other left side 285 law, right sde 215 law. Not too bad. You can get nearly 500 in a day doing high, low, expert, and trial roulette. And from my experience doing all the hunts on the 1,2, and 3 daily logs can net 15*5+4*5+3*5 = 110 centurion seals. There is also a weekly b rank hunt that nets 100 seals. But generally, running around in a hunting linkshell can net a lot to supplement. 


The quick pullers are back, so you need to be on your toes. And this time the groups aren't using party finder. They are trying to be exclusive (at least on Lamia). So you need an in with someone. And unlock flying everywhere before starting. People will absolutely not wait for anything. But 2.0 A and S rank give decent centurion seals, allied seals, poetic and law tomes (especially S ranks), and the 3.0 stuff gives even better rewards. They are worth doing while intermittently leveling crafting or completing challenge log with a second job to gain xp.

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