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FFXIV Stormblood skill changes

Good news for every fanl fantasy xiv fans,ffxiv Stormblood will be update after 17 days ago and the version add new jobs jobs red mage and we will take about the skill change in Stormblood,there need thank support me some test data!


'Final Fantasy XIV' Patch 3.5 Preview: What Big Things To Expect Ahead Of 'The Far Edge Of Fate' Jan. 17 Launch

Square Enix's hit role-playing game "Final Fantasy XIV" is slated to receive a patch update titled "The Far Edge of Fate" for Q1 2017. Giving fans a peek at what the update has in store for them, the game developer has released a preview video.


Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.5 The Far Edge Of Fate What To Expect In Its January 17 Release

Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.5 will go live this coming January 17. The new FFXIV patch is said to unveil numerous new contents to the game. As such, FFXIV players are already excited with what features will be added in Final Fantasy XIV with the new patch.


'Final Fantasy XIV' Patch 3.5 Release Date, Updates: GARO Equipment Crossover Details Revealed!

"Final Fantasy XIV" had revealed in its 'A Realm Reborn' Fanfest in Tokyo that a crossover equipment from the hit Japanese tokusatsu TV franchise GARO, will be implemented in the newest patch. Square Enix had announced this together with the "Final Fantasy XIV" Patch 3.5 release date and other juicy details!


Final Fantasy XIV Shows Off New Stormblood Details, Red Mage Job Confirmed

During the opening keynote for Final Fantasy XIV’s Fan Festival in Tokyo today, the game’s director and producer Naoki Yoshida shared lots of new information was about the upcoming expansion, Stormblood.


Fantasy XIV in the 3.5 patch update – which is scheduled for release January 2017

The threat of the Warriors of Darkness is no more. Unexpected reunions salve the ache of bittersweet farewells. And with their ranks further bolstered by the official induction of Alisaie and Krile, once more do the Scions of the Seventh Dawn set their feet upon fate's path and their gaze upon distant horizons.


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